2018 Schedule CE Classroom Sessions

Times & Dates

**All Dates below give you a total of 15 credits**

Blue indicates weekday classRed indicates Saturday class

Continuing Education Dates

7 (9p-12p)8 (9a-12p)5 (9a-12p)3 (9a-12p)7 (9a-12p)5 (9a-12p)
11 (9a-12p)18 (9a-12p)19 (9a-12p)16 (9a-12p)17 (9a-12p)15 (9a-12p)
25 (9a-12p)21 (9a-12p)22 (9a-12p)20 (9a-12p)21 (9a-12p)19 (9a-12p)

Our classroom package consists of 2 parts:

  1. One 13 credit self study quiz (the book will be mailed to you upon signing up for class)
  2. 2.5 hour interactive lecture on current topics in insurance! (2 credits)

Both parts combined give you a total of 15 credits in just three hours!

How it Works


In just three hours, you can receive 15 credits towards renewing your isurance license with our Classroom Package. The package consists of:

  • One 13 credit self-study quiz – Insurance: A State of Transition (4168)
  • A 2.5 hour interactive lecture to give you the knowledge you need (2 credits) – Current Topics in Insurance (4167)

How It Works

  • The Bridge Courses in our Classroom Package give you the credits to renew your LA, LB, PC, BR, C1, C3, or PA license.
  • You will be issued with a certificate free of charge upon completion, and your credits are processed the same day- allowing you to renew your license immediately!

Important Information 

  • Upon signing up for our classroom package, you’ll be sent a self-study booklet by USPS as soon as possible (If hard copy selected – Digital file immediately available!).
  • When you come to class, you will be given a 50 question quiz based on the information contained in the booklet.
  • After that, you’ll attend the 2.5 hour lecture, and then leave with your 15 credits in hand!
  • Students must receive a 70% mark or higher to pass the test

***All continuing education classes are subject to a $25 non-refundable registration fee which is already included in the prices shown.

Courses approved through 11/30/2019.